Renaissance Fiesta May 6-8, 2011


This is a great opportunity for the community to celebrate Fiesta like never before – with damsels in distress, knights in shiny armor, wizards, dragons, fairies, castles, and royalty transforming downtown Truth or Consequences and Ralph Edwards Park into a medieval fiesta!

There will be new contests and events such as a Fiesta Bowling Tournament, Softball Tournament, and Poker Tournament.

Games and activities include an archery contest, sock monkey races, plus costume and karaoke contests. The Fiesta board is still seeking volunteers and ideas for this years Fiesta. If you think you can contribute or just want to get in on the action send us an email at

Let’s all pitch in to make 2011 Fiesta a weekend to remember!

Need Help Building a Float?
Whether you need help finding materials or decorations, trailers or trucks, business sponsorships or great ideas, contact Destiny or Alesha and they will be glad to help.

Parade Float Ideas
knight fighting a dragon • king & queen on their thrones
jester telling jokes/juggling • knight saving a princess
fugitive in the stocks • belly/gypsy dancers

Costume Ideas
King, Queen, Prince, Princess, jester, knight
maid in waiting, bar wench, robin hood, gypsy/belly dancer
monk, dragon, merchant, fortune teller, peasant

Window/Door Decoration Ideas
castle • dragon • knight fighting a dragon
knight saving a princess
business name in old English letters

Useful Websites/Places
Moon Goddess – downtown TorC
Second Hand Rose – downtown TorC
(and don’t forget the recycled / thrift option, you never know what you might find there!)