2022 Fiesta: Through the Years

Ralph Edwards Park was getting a facelift in 2022, so Fiesta moved its center downtown, with music vendors and more at Healing Waters Plaza, Bank of the Southwest parking lot, with throughout town.

2020 Fiesta: And the Rest is History

Fiesta 2020 was cancelled, but not before the theme was decided on!

2019 Fiesta: Sierra County Frontier Old & New

2018 Fiesta: Wild Wild West

2017 Fiesta: Cinco De Mayo

2016: Film Fiesta

2013 Fiesta: How the West was Fun!

2012 Fiesta: 100 Years of Southwestern Hospitality

2011: Renaissance Fiesta

Lords & Ladies descended on Truth or Consequences during Fiesta weekend 2011.

2010: Fiesta Goes Hollywood!

Locals really got into character for this one – James Cagney, Burt Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor, Oscar, and even Popeye were on hand in 2010, when Fiesta paid tribute to Tinsel Town.

2009 Fiesta: Flashback to The Sixties!

2009’s theme was most timely since T or C was celebrating SIXTY years of Truth or Consequences Fiesta! Floats, costumes and events all paid tribute to the decade that brought us everything from bellbottoms to Civil Rights.

2008 Fiesta: Go Green!

The 2008 Fiesta was all about Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling. The theme resulted in some terrific recycled costumes and floats, a focus on innovators in sustainability, and fundraising through recycling. Fiesta’s planners adopted environmentally-friendly practices that will continue to be utilized for many Fiestas to come!

2007 Fiesta: Heroes

In 2007, floats and costumes depicted favorite super heroes, historical characters, stars of pop culture, and those not as often in the public eye: family members, teachers, health care professionals, and the many who’ve served our country in the military.

2006 Fiesta: A Space Odyssey

This theme was chosen due to the development of the Spaceport and the excitement generated by the X Prize Cup. The coming of such highly advanced technology and space commercialism to the deserts of New Mexico caused many of us to contemplate how our daily lives would be affected. Therefore it seemed only appropriate that we utilize the 2006 Truth or Consequences Fiesta to creatively celebrate and explore the many possibilities that this new space age might bring.

2005 Fiesta: Time Warp!

2004 Fiesta: Game Shows Galore

2003 Fiesta: Mardi Gras on the Rio Grande